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Historic Kenwood

The beautiful Historic Kenwood district is located just outside of the Downtown St. Petersburg area—less than a 10-minute drive away from the center of the city. This primarily-residential neighborhood is very popular for its warm and welcoming community, stunning historic buildings, and close proximity to shops, restaurants, and other entertainment. Sometimes described as “quirky” and “artsy”, the community of Historic Kenwood is known to be friendly, with many young people and families calling the district home. With tall trees lining the streets and old brick streets, this neighborhood appeals to those who enjoy historic charm, but who also enjoy being close to the downtown core.

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Historic Kenwood

True to its name, Historic Kenwood, St. Petersburg’s first suburb, has over 2,200 officially-designated historic buildings within its 375 acres. Located within the bounds of 9th Avenue North, 22nd Street North, 1st Avenue North, and the I-19, Historic Kenwood is sandwiched between the equally-charming neighborhood of North Kenwood, and the food and entertainment hub, Grand Central District. Huge revitalization efforts and restoration projects have been in progress since the 90s.

Historic Kenwood, FL Real Estate

As a historic residential neighborhood, the Historic Kenwood real estate market is quite competitive. With tree-lined brick streets, this tranquil district offers residents peace and privacy, all while being within walking distance of unique boutiques and local restaurants!

The types of homes for sale in Historic Kenwood are mostly single-family homes, with an assortment of townhomes Contemporary townhomes currently in development. Each property offers something special. You won’t find cookie-cutter suburban homes here! Primarily bungalows built in the Craftsman style, these historic houses can be up to 100 years old. Many of the houses in this neighborhood were moved there from the surrounding areas in the 1930s, which is part of the reason why property is so in-demand. 

Each home, as mentioned, is unique. Architecture is also not limited to Craftsman style only. You’ll find homes for sale in this district that are built in American Foursquare, Prairie, Dutch Colonial Revival, and a multitude of other styles. However, the area is most-well known for its brightly-colored bungalows.

As part of the revitalization projects that commenced in the 1990s, many of the older homes in Historic Kenwood have been renovated to bring them into the modern times, but to also ensure that these structures would last many more years to come. Of course, the exteriors of these homes have been preserved, but it’s not uncommon to find homes with contemporary interior upgrades. However, many homeowners have preserved as much of the historical charm as they could, making each home in Historic Kenwood truly one of a kind!