Roser Park

Roser Park, or Historic Roser Park, is a small neighborhood located just outside the downtown area of St. Petersburg. Named “St. Petersburg’s First Historic District”, development in Roser Park commenced in 1911 under the direction of Charles Roser. As a result, a great number of historical buildings have been preserved for their cultural significance. This neighborhood is bordered by the St. Petersburg Innovation District, Bartlett Park, and Thirteenth Street Heights, with Brooker Creek running right through the center of the Roser Park. Real estate is highly-desired because of the neighborhood’s charming homes, welcoming atmosphere, and central location.

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Historic Roser Park

Roser Park is a neighborhood that one might call “lush”, with large trees casting shade upon the cobblestone streets. It’s home to 146 historic buildings and is located roughly within the bounds of 8th Street South, 9th Avenue South, 4th Street South, 11th Avenue South, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Street South. Within the neighborhood is the historic Greenwood Cemetery and Historic Roser Park’s Neighborhood Association.

Historic Roser Park, FL Real Estate

Real estate in Roser Park is highly sought-after. This neighborhood is well-known for its great location, its commitment to maintaining the historical architectural styles, and beautiful, tree-lined streets. The narrow, winding brick roads and other preserved features (such as historical street lights) all add to the charming atmosphere of Roser Park. 

The homes in Roser Park are built in select styles, with (as previously mentioned) a great deal of emphasis on maintaining the historic feel. Therefore, you’ll find single-family homes for sale built in mainly Craftsman styles, although Prairie, Foursquare, Colonial Revival, and bungalow style homes are also commonplace. One defining feature of the area is the smaller lot sizes, as is typical of historical neighborhoods. This does, however, cut down on traffic and make the streets more walkable and welcoming.

Historic Roser Park has drawn significant attention from prospective buyers, so listings are never active for very long. However, the single-family homes for sale are often listed at lower price points than the surrounding neighborhoods. The most luxurious homes in this neighborhood are found generally in the area of Dunn' Trinity Park and along Roser Park Drive South. These homes are typically completely renovated and upgraded on the inside, and on much larger lots than other homes. 

This neighborhood has a lot to offer, and especially appeals to those who enjoy the district’s rich history, whilst also enjoying being close to the city.