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Grand Central District

Just two miles from the Downtown St. Petersburg area is the Grand Central District. This neighborhood is known as an arts and entertainment hub, with numerous local businesses, restaurants, and art galleries all within the boundaries of the neighborhood. Grand Central District is far more popular with the locals than it is with tourists; a sort of “if you know, you know!” kind of feeling. As a result, the area has so far escaped the big chain stores and sky-high condominiums. With a bright, welcoming atmosphere and unique boutiques, Grand Central District doesn’t have the ambiance of big city life. Nevertheless, the bustling downtown core is only minutes away.

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Grand Central District

Grand Central District is bordered by the following streets: 1st Avenue North, 16th Street North, 1st Avenue South, and 31st Street South, with Central Avenue North running right through the neighborhood. The district has also been given Main Street America status, which is awarded to areas that have taken great lengths to restore and preserve historic buildings, revitalize the neighborhood, and strengthen the community. Grand Central District has several weekly events scheduled, and there is much to see and do in the area.

Grand Central District, FL Real Estate

Because the Grand Central District is still a bit underground, the real estate market is less competitive than the surrounding areas—however this will likely not be the case for long. This district also offers a wider variety of home types in comparison to other areas. Single-family homes, townhomes, and condos are all listed in the Grand Central District neighborhood. 

In terms of style, the single-family homes for sale in Grand Central District tend to be older builds, and typically Craftsman-style bungalows. These homes have been well-maintained, and offer residents a spectacular location. Many homes, as well, have been purchased and then renovated and/or upgraded.

The newest developments in the Grand Central District are condominium complexes and, more frequently, modern townhomes. These new buildings are designed in fresh, usually Contemporary, styles, and generally are priced higher because of their luxury features. Property features can include a garage, outdoor space, storage, and modern upgrades in sleek designs. Of course, these features are dependent on each specific property. 

The homes for sale, no matter the property type, are usually steps away from Central Avenue North, which means that shops and restaurants are within a walkable distance—no matter where you are!