SoHo, named so as it runs through South Howard Avenue, is a trendy neighborhood within Hyde Park in Tampa, Florida. Perhaps most well-known for its exciting nightlife and great selection of restaurants, SoHo is also home to tranquil residential areas, making this neighborhood highly desirable. Walkable streets and its convenient location make this area a great option for just about anyone: those who like to dance the night away, or those who want to sit back and enjoy gorgeous Florida weather. It truly offers the best of both worlds!

Downtown Tampa Activity

When in SoHo, bring one or two or all of your friends. Offering excellent shopping and delicious food, SoHo attracts those who love to live fast, but also those who like to take it down a notch. The residential streets of SoHo are peaceful, with large sidewalks and winding roads that are great for taking a stroll down!

SoHo Real Estate

With big, beautiful trees that create a lush canopy over the streets, SoHo has a lot to offer when it comes to homes for sale. You won’t find cookie-cutter single-family homes here—each house offers a little something unique. With architectural styles that veer more towards traditional, the homes in SoHo are often built in a ranch style, characterized by shuttered windows, paneling, and large porches, but some also incorporate elements of the Spanish Revival style. 

Although primarily single-family homes, SoHo has a few condominiums for sale. These are centrally-located, and perfect for those who want to enjoy the best of what SoHo has to offer: great shopping, dining, and welcoming atmosphere! These properties often come with enticing amenities, such as a pool, outdoor areas, lounge, and more. 

There is even a little bit of luxury to be found. The luxury homes for sale in SoHo offer privacy, contemporary upgrades, and unparalleled views. while still maintaining that great location that makes this area so sought-after.