Sign welcoming residents and visitors into Beach Park, FL

Beach Park

Rich in history, Beach Park’s community spirit is deeply rooted in tradition and character and is one of Tampa’s oldest neighborhoods. Elegant and historic homes along with new construction are shaded by the canopy of 200 to 300 year-old oak trees and towering palms. You’ll find kids playing outside, people walking their dogs, and a general friendly spirit which makes this one of the most desirable places to live in Tampa.

Beach Park
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Beach Park

Beach Park's easy access to the highways makes it desirable for a beautiful beach day in Clearwater Beach or trips taking off from Tampa International Airport. Beach Park is lined with sidewalks, many locals enjoy bike riding through the winding streets, and is only a short distance from Hyde Park Village. One of the attractive reasons to live in Beach Park is the close proximity not only to downtown, but to many different activities in the International shopping area as well as the West Shore business district.

Beach Park Real Estate Information

Beach Park is a small community in South Tampa, just south of the Howard Frankland Bridge. The unique shoreline on the western side of the neighborhood is full of crags and inlets, meaning there's often a number of waterfront properties available. 

Beach Park homes are perfect for those looking to live near the many amenities in the area, with plenty of shopping centers, beaches, nightclubs and even the Tampa International Airport for those who travel often. 

A drive through the Beach Park neighborhood reveals beautiful streets lined with tropical palms and other lush flora. This plant life mixes beautifully with the incredible architecture of the nearby Beach Park real estate, with plenty of gorgeous Mediterranean styled homes. 

Most of the real estate in Beach Park is made up of single family homes (although mansions and manors may be a better descriptor of some of the homes here), and not a lot of tall buildings. This makes it a great area for those looking for exclusive homes right on the water, with no large buildings obscuring the view of the ocean and sky.