John Tomljanovic

John Tomljanovic, REALTOR®

Office Location: 3801 W Bay to Bay Boulevard, Tampa

Office Phone Number: (813) 839-3800

Cell Phone Number: (813) 892-0718

About John

An Electrical Engineer with a minor in Computer Science, JT had an impressive multi-faceted 28-year career of Executive leadership in the corporate world, and in start-ups of Information Technology companies. Over that time period -- as an aside -- he amassed considerable success as a real estate "client", having new homes built as well as renovating for his personal residence.

JT is a recognized national expert on the subject of Customer Service, being prominently featured in the book "Lessons from the Nordstrom Way" in 2000 by best-selling author Robert Spector.

As a realtor today, JT especially keys on the client-realtor relationship. He has a tenacious and unwavering commitment to help and to please his clients. He is knowledgeable about real estate in the Tampa Bay area, is personable, has somewhat of an alpha personality, is attentive to details but also sees the larger picture, is creative, has a highly retentive mind, and is an extraordinary communicator.

JT enjoys playing golf and is an across-the-board sports fan. He also plays the guitar but is surprisingly reticent about performing publicly ... he feels he’s just not ready for prime time.

He enjoys learning new languages, an offshoot of his international, worldwide business and personal travels. He is loosely conversant (to varying degrees) in German, French, Italian, and Croatian.

Historically, JT has quietly provided big-hearted funding support for several Tampa Bay non-profit organizations.

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