Jacquelyn Reina, PA, REALTOR®

About Jacquelyn

Jacque grew up in Atlanta, Georgia and graduated from Purdue University with a degree in Finance. She moved to Tampa in 1994 with her husband David. Together, they live in the beautiful Pelican Island where she is the neighborhood liaison for the Dana Shores Civic Association. Jacque is also a member of the Parish Pastoral Council at her home church, Christ the King.

Jacque’s real estate career officially kicked off in 2014, but her real estate roots go way beyond that. With three top-producing Florida realtors in her family, Jacque’s mother, sister and aunt, she’s been predisposed to the workings of real estate agents for four decades. Couple her real estate ancestry with her sociable and compassionate disposition and it was only a matter of time before Jacque was licensed herself!

Jacque has bought and sold both personally and professionally throughout her 24 years in Tampa and has gathered an extensive knowledge of the Florida housing market as well as Tampa’s offerings. Jacque has raised four children, therefore giving her important, first-hand insights into area schools and the neighborhoods that are associated with them.

Jacque’s strong leadership skills, outgoing personality, ability to stay current, passion for helping others, and love for Tampa Bay make her your ideal real estate agent. Start searching for your dream home today!

Office Location: 10714 Countryway Blvd., Tampa
Office Phone Number: (813) 230-7526

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