Gabe Alves, REALTOR®

Office Location: 1100 4th Street N, St. Petersburg

Office Phone Number: 727.342.3800

Cell Phone Number: 727.563.4606

About Gabe

Meet Gabe Alves: a dynamic professional hailing from the vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. With a background steeped in diverse experiences, Gabe's journey has led him to become a leading figure in the realm of real estate.

Educated at the prestigious University of South Florida, Gabe earned his bachelor's degree in International Studies. He further honed his expertise in Global Leadership through intensive studies at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California. Prior to entering the world of real estate, Gabe excelled as a paralegal at a renowned International Tax Law Firm in the Tampa Bay Area.

Gabe's linguistic prowess is a unique asset—he is fluent in both Portuguese and Spanish. This linguistic versatility not only reflects his cultural openness but also enables him to seamlessly connect with clients from a myriad of backgrounds.

Passion ignited in the real estate domain, Gabe finds fulfillment in realizing the aspirations of his clients. Since 2017, he has been dedicated to guiding each client towards achieving their real estate ambitions, with a meticulous focus on their unique needs.

For over two decades, Gabe has called the Tampa Bay area home. Immerse in the community, he has played pivotal roles in organizations such as St. Pete Pride and Bay Area Performing Arts and Casting. This active involvement has granted Gabe an extensive local network and an in-depth understanding of the region—cornerstones for meeting his client's real estate requirements.

Energized, dedicated, and well-versed, Gabe channels his enthusiasm into every endeavor. His commitment to integrity shines through as he prioritizes his client's interests, crafting solutions that lead to mutual success. With an unwavering work ethic, he ensures that each client's experience is unparalleled.

As Gabe forges ahead, he eagerly anticipates the opportunity to serve you, partnering with you to turn your goals into reality.

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