Water Street

The future of urban living is Water Street Tampa. Located in the southern region of the Downtown Tampa area, bordered by the Channel District to the northeast, overlooking the Garrison Channel and Harbor Island, Water Street Tampa is an ongoing development that seeks to combine modern city life with intelligent, sustainable planning. This community, made up of an area of roughly 16 blocks (or 53 acres), focuses on ensuring accessibility and walkability for its residents, which means building hotels, restaurants, shops, and offices—not only condominium complexes.

Water Street
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Water Street

Water Street Tampa, centered on Water Street, seeks to reinvent the city. The planners focused on designing buildings around walkways that would allow for residents to get around easily on foot and spend more time outdoors. Other areas of focus include the large amount of offices and commercial space for new jobs, large public spaces with art installations, and a number of hotels for the purpose of long-term stay.

Water Street Tampa, FL Real Estate

The Water Street Tampa real estate market is based around its new developments. These include Asher, Cora, Heron, and the newest development, The Residences at The Tampa EDITION. Of course, as Water Street Tampa continues to grow, more condos will become available for both purchase and leasing. Real estate is limited to condominiums in this area, although there are other options for condos beyond these luxury options.

The current (and future) condominium complexes offer residents ultra-modern, technologically-advanced upgrades. Units may feature quartz countertops, energy-saving appliances, and smart technologies integrated into the home. In terms of amenities, these are truly the height of luxury: rooftop pools and outdoor spaces, fitness centers and gyms, event rooms and lounges, private entry and parking, in-building restaurants, additional storage, and more. These homes, of course, are incredibly luxurious, and are available at higher price points because of their high demand. 

Other than the amenities that each development offers, the condos for sale in Water Street Tampa are also centrally-located, with some having direct access to the Tampa Riverwalk, local parks, and water. Units with water views are especially desirable, but each complex is within walking distance to a number of great shops and restaurants—and even more just a short drive or train ride away.