A Letter From The President of Smith & Associates Real Estate


A Letter From The President


The greatest questions in times when there is uncertainty are “What should I expect today”, “What will tomorrow bring” and “What should I do”. You can rely on Smith & Associations to continue to serve the community as the skilled and trusted real estate advisors we have been and will remain. With that in mind, I offer you the following insights into the local effect of these unprecedented events.

Tampa Bay had a record-setting first quarter in real estate, which was the case broadly across many of the markets in the US. We are still seeing much of that success in current closings and inventory yet available. Of course we are seeing some market reaction as buyers and sellers adjust expectations and alter goals. Some choosing to wait and see, while others have made swift decisions. Each individual’s situation is unique and must be evaluated in total to find the correct path.

As many states, including Florida, have adopted new stay at home protocols, we have begun to see the effects of these actions upon the market as professionals and consumers adapt to sales and showings that can be done safely with buyers that have a need to purchase at this time. In our market, real estate activities have been labeled essential, as long as these actions conform to the current guidelines of size limits and social distancing. Together with your Smith Associate will be the best judge of the practices that are right for each situation.

Smith is adjusting strategies to accommodate for consumers limited movement through virtual showings, promoting with a more digital focus, fantastic photos and an elevated degree of electronic communication. Additionally, the closing process is being altered and advanced with safety and convenience in mind. Our administrators continue the 10-day pre-closing prep check to assure all is in order to progress smoothly onto successful completion of transactions.

Naturally, the market will slow in some price ranges and days on market will likely extend to some degree. However, buyers that have been waiting for the “right” home are venturing out for safe showings and buying homes. Of course some are testing values to see if sellers have felt any impact financially hoping to create some opportunity in price negotiation. It is early to tell, but as weeks extend to months, perhaps the trends will show some opportunity in certain ranges for properties not in top condition. Now is the time to get the home in great order so when you do come to market, the best presentation is offered.

If the home was on market prior and things have gone silent, it may not necessarily be isolated to what would be the typical considerations; price or condition, rather, the market may simply be in a pause until folks feel safe. After a period of readjustment occurs and stability returns in employment and our economy, routine behavior will reestablish and Tampa Bay will continue to be one of the best places to choose to live and enjoy life.

We at Smith & Associates, look forward to when buyers and sellers can become more fluid in their movement, but for now we have virtual, digital, and electronic solutions in action to service and support the needs of our consumers right now to accomplish the task of reaching the current goal. As time passes and we begin to see market changes, we will communicate further insights on values and trends with our team to deliver to the communities they serve as trusted real estate advisors.

May you and your family remain safe and secure and at any time we are glad to provide you with market information to assist in your decision-making process. We will continue to be your real estate resource and trusted friends in Tampa Bay.

Robert Glaser
President / CEO



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Real Estate Update From CEO of Smith & Associates Real Estate, Bob Glaser


Real Estate Update From CEO of Smith & Associates Real Estate, Bob Glaser


Please watch as CEO of Smith & Associates Real Estate, Bob Glaser, discusses the Real Estate Market as it relates to COVID-19.


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A Note From the CEO Regarding Real Estate & COVID-19 (Coronavirus)


A note from the CEO regarding real estate and coronavirus


Smith & Associates Real Estate has been an integral part of the Tampa Bay community for over 50 years. We have provided strategic real estate services through market booms and busts and will continue to provide you with relevant real-time real estate market information.

We are experiencing an unprecedented event in modern history, a global pandemic, COVID-19. While we cannot predict exactly how the virus will spread or the markets will respond, we can promise that our agents with years of experience, will continue their timeless commitment to provide timely facts and analysis on our local market. Because we are in constant communications with our global partners we expect that the United States and Florida will soon be subjected to much more restrictive social distancing regulations.

However, now is definitely not the time to panic. The real estate market is far less emotional than the financial markets. Everyone needs someplace to live, and Florida is still an extremely attractive place to live, work and play.

Many people who are considering buying now may be swayed by other benefits of homeownership: control and certainty. Real estate offers people stable monthly payments and a home that makes them feel safe, comfortable, and happy. Further, inventory is still tight in Tampa Bay and historically low-interest rates mean a buyer can secure best value. People will continue to invest money into tangible assets. Throughout the next few weeks, we will continue to provide timely real estate updates.

We understand the safety of our agents and clients is a top priority. Technology allows us to take a virtual tour of a listing and provide online concierge service with a real estate expert. To assist sellers and buyers, we have secured the best virtual experiences on our listings and providing individual showings on request. Our agents will remain available, providing online and video consultations, live streaming property tours, and sharing updates on social media. We continue to monitor and adhere to the guidelines set forth by our local, state and national governments, as well as leading real estate industry associations.

It has been an honor to live and work in Tampa Bay for my entire adult life. I know how strong, supportive, and resilient we are as a community. I am as confident in Tampa Bay’s real estate market as it was two weeks ago before we fully understood the seriousness of COVID-19.

While events that bring us together have shut down, all 285 of our agents are just a phone call away and are equipped to offer sound advice and assurances.

Robert Glaser
President / CEO



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Lunch & Crafts With Our Local Hearts

“This is our universe, we just share it.” – Ya La’ford
We had a room full of smiles & imagination as the kindergarten through 5th-grade students at Mt. Zion Christian Academy joined us for a delicious Chick-fil-A lunch and crafts. Our talented friend, Ya La’ford, explained the power of art as the students put their passion & creativity to work to design beautiful cups they were able to take home!
Our love for the community is so much greater than what can be seen by the eye. With a deep passion for our youth, arts, and equal rights for all, Smith & Associates Real Estate strives to make Tampa Bay a better place to call home. Learn more about Smith & Associates Real Estate’s Local Heart, here!


View full photo album, HERE!


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9 Luxury Home Technologies You Need for Your Home


Smart home with smart home


Modern glamour in a home has become a merger of design and function, with luxury home technology becoming an essential part of what defines a luxury home. New modern luxury homes are full of smart technology that enhances security, improves lifestyle and offers an added level of peace of mind to the homeowner. It’s estimated that the typical home in 2022 will have more than 500 smart devices. A home that is stylish must now also feature savvy, luxury home technology to even be considered a place for the discerning homeowner to dwell.

Smart homes are the new definition of luxury. You can upgrade an existing home to become a smart home or move into a home that you customize to make the smartest home possible. Either way, these are the top 9 luxury home technologies that you need for your home:

Security Systems
Advancements in artificial intelligence are making a notable impact on the smart home’s security systems and using connectivity to make security seamless and easy. Accessing all your systems while you are away, getting alerts on smartphones and making real-time decisions that keep your home safe are important features of the modern smart home.

Secure Windows and Doors
In the modern mansion, a home’s windows and doors offer an added layer of security by being equipped with ultra-sensitive motion detectors and fingerprint and face-recognition capability. When your home is filled with priceless art collections or vintage wines, savvy technology can offer peace of mind and protect valuables.

Bathroom and Digital Shower Interfaces
Luxury home technology isn’t just about a sense of security, it’s also about combining elements to create an amazing sensory experience. Touchscreen displays can be added to showers or embedded in bathroom walls to customize water temperature, steam levels, lighting, music, and videos.

Smart Kitchen Appliances
Modern mansions have kitchens that are stylish, functional but also full of high tech devices and systems that appeal to the home chef. Refrigerators are now sophisticated enough to manage the food and keep a detailed inventory of what is inside. Intelligent ovens can tell you how to best cook your meal advising you to roast, bake, toast or broil for the best flavor. Connectivity is the key with the kitchen’s luxury home technology, alerting you via your cell phone when a meal is ready.

Radiant Heat Systems
Radiant heating systems supply heat directly to the floor, to panels in the wall, to the ceiling of a house, and even to outdoor driveways. Customize this luxury home technology to keep your driveway free of snow or to keep your tiled kitchen warm in the cooler months.

Boasting conservation technology, many homes can cut utility bills by up to 50% by automating light output, temperature adjustments throughout the day, pool systems, and regulating kitchen applianced.

Structured Wiring
Giving your smart home the right bones to be a technologically advanced smart home can be done with structured wiring. Linked throughout by structured wiring systems, fully connected homes integrate cable TV, home automation, home security, satellite feeds, audio/video systems, computers, and the Internet to provide efficient connectivity and ease.

Smart Lighting
With smart lighting, traditional light bulbs are replaced with smart light bulbs, which provide ultra low wattage and boast long life-spans. You can remotely adjust the lighting in your home from anywhere, using the internet. These lights can pair with sensors for ambient lighting and to detect room occupancy, turning off if they detect an empty room.

Shade Control
Rising with the sun and having your blinds open at a certain time is the ultimate wake-up device in luxury home technology. Through your smartphone, blinds can be opened and closed at specific times. This can also be calculated for security to create a sense of movement within a home while you are away, keeping intruders at bay.

Consider these luxury home technologies for your home. Contact a Smith agent to find the modern, luxury home of your dreams, here.

See more luxury home technologies here.



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Tampa Bay Developments Bring Retail and Walkability to Enhance Local Neighborhoods

When you think of living in a large city, you can envision walking out of your flat and immediately having an array of shopping options. City life means having an array of boutiques, restaurants, services, cafes, and coffee shops easily accessible from the doorstep of your home. As the urban centers of Tampa Bay develop, enhanced walkability and access to restaurants and shops is becoming desirable for the modern homeowner. 

The locals may not want the extreme lifestyle of big cities but they do want options and Tampa Bay developers are changing the landscape of these communities with a focus on top-quality retail. Condo towers are becoming a valuable asset to their neighborhoods by creating a unique sense of place with the ground-floor retail space that they provide. Often in popular walkable neighborhoods, the new developments bring new construction to premier established neighborhoods while providing an opportunity for retail in neighborhoods that may have lacked the space to add restaurants and shopping. Walking to your favorite restaurant for calamari and a glass of wine or picking up a last-minute hostess gift for a friend, can be a pleasing benefit to owning a home near retail options.


Women Walking in Hyde Park Village


Hyde Park House

Built in the Historic Hyde Park neighborhood, residents of Hyde Park House will be able to walk along the oak-lined streets for craft cocktails, Italian cuisine, salon services, freshly brewed coffee, or a new release at the boutique cinema in Hyde Park Village. The live, work, play environment of the Hyde Park House’s location, creates a lifestyle where you can enjoy the quiet green space of the neighborhood while still having access to all the things that make urban dwelling so rewarding.


Saltaire Exterior East at Dusk


Saltaire St. Pete

Saltaire St. Pete plans 10,000 square feet of ground-level retail space to offer additional conveniences, services, and amenities for residents. Saltaire’s central and walkable location will make it an integral part of the downtown St. Petersburg community. Residents get the added benefit of privacy with a grand lobby with staffed reception while having open access to the retail and streetscape that make the neighborhood an unmatched destination.


The Residences at The Tampa EDITION Rendering


Water Street Tampa/The Residences at The Tampa EDITION 

On an even grander scale, Water Street Tampa exemplifies the mutual benefit of residential condo development and the unique neighborhood vibe they create. The Mayor of Tampa, Jane Castor, says that 23,000 people are expected to live, work, and play in the Water Street district once completed. The Residences at The Tampa EDITION will be in the heart of the Water Street neighborhood and offer residents direct access to a multitude of dining options including a 5-star restaurant and cafes. In addition to retail, The EDITION combines the world-class EDITION brand curated by Ian Schrager and world-renowned designers, Roman & Williams.


Marina Pointe Town Center


Marina Pointe

Similarly, at Marina Pointe, developers from BTI are creating Tampa’s newest walkable waterfront neighborhood by introducing a full master-planned community overlooking Tampa Bay. A complete contemporary environment for inspired living, shopping, and dining will be created in the center of the development as an added amenity to those living in Marina Pointe. There will be a wine bar, boutique grocery store with organic grab-n-go options and freshly squeezed juices and waterfront restaurant with boat dockage. 

In some instances, new developments help spur retail development such as the case with Altura Bayshore. Fine restaurants continue to pop-up in the Bayshore Gardens area, Counter Culture being the newest addition to the Altura neighborhood with hip interiors and an elevated dining experience led by one of Tampa’s most noted chefs, Jeannie Pierola. Life at Altura provides easy access to a stroll on the iconic Bayshore Boulevard followed by dinner at one of the newest restaurants that Tampa has to offer. 

Increased density spurs new businesses and these Tampa Bay developers are focused on designing retail environments that enhance the lifestyle offered to residents and their neighbors.

Visit our Developer Services page for the inside scoop on new construction projects!



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Smith is Home to Award-Winning Real Estate Agents

Established in 1969, our company has grown to become Tampa Bay’s largest independently-owned real estate brokerage firm with over 300 real estate agents and record-breaking sales. Last year, our team of award-winning real estate agents and associates celebrated a record-breaking sales year with $1.5 billion in sales volume, an increase of 22% from the previous year. We know that our company’s success is due to the hard work of our real estate agents and associates. Every year, we recognize their efforts with a party that toasts their accomplishments from the past year and excites them for the possibilities in the year ahead.

This year’s party was at Armature Works where all 300 of our real estate agents and associates met for a team celebration. Awards went out to the real estate agents who had exceptional sales volume, completed trainings, assisted our affiliates, and also to the real estate agent for their community efforts. Smith is a company that is known for exceptional market wisdome and also for giving back to the communities we serve. In every way, we try to instill this love of community in our real estate agents and associates and support the time they want to use to contribute to causes that are meaningful to them. We think this makes us stronger as a company AND as a community.

Here is a list of some of the award-winning real estate agents from 2019:





This year’s Community Heart / Mary Smith Conover Citizen Award winner was Becky Slocum who clocked nearly 1,800 volunteer hours with The American Red Cross and is a member of the Disaster Action Team, working on-call shifts throughout the night from 6 PM – 6 AM. This award is our most coveted recognition, which honors the spry 93-year-old founder of Smith & Associates Real Estate. The award is a nod towards the company’s founder and keeps the philanthropic intention at the forefront for every associate. 

Along with recognizing these real estate agents with a red carpet moment, we also recognized our real estate agents and associates who completed Ninja Training, our Smith Orange Belts, Rising Stars, and the top three real estate agents and teams at each of our five strategic locations in Tampa Bay.

Developer Services with 10 projects in their exclusive portfolio, Luxe Title, Smith Signature Insurance powered by BKS, branch operations, support staff, Marketing, Business Development/Relocation, and Commercial were all recognized for the ways they contribute to make Smith the success that it is in Tampa Bay real estate. Smith & Associates is the number one luxury brokerage firm of $1M + residences in both Hillsborough and Pinellas Counties. Thank you to all our real estate agents, associates, and clients!


CLICK HERE to view more photos from our 2020 Kickoff Company Party at Armature Works.



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Smith & Associates Celebrate a Record-Breaking Year

The Boutique Firm Recorded $1.5 Billion in Sales Predict a Bullish Real Estate Market for Tampa Bay in 2020

Tampa Bay’s largest independently-owned real estate brokerage firm, Smith & Associates Real Estate, celebrates another record-breaking sales year with $1.5 billion in sales volume, an increase of 22% from the previous year. The company has been serving Tampa Bay’s real estate market for over fifty years and recognized associate accomplishments with a party at the Armature Works in Downtown Tampa. With their Developer Services team representing ten projects in Tampa Bay that have completion dates set between 2020 and 2023, Smith feels confident that the Tampa Bay real estate market will be on fire in 2020.

Established in 1969, Smith & Associates Real Estate has grown to be one of the most influential companies in the Bay, with revenues exceeding $1.5 billion in 2019. The firm represents high-profile residential and commercial developments. It is the exclusive listing agent for almost all of Tampa Bay’s high-profile towers, including The Edition, Riverwalk Place, Hyde Park House, Elevé 61, The Sanctuary, Saltaire, and Altura. Smith & Associates Real Estate is the number one luxury brokerage firm of $1M + residences in both Hillsborough and Pinellas Counties.

President and CEO, Bob Glaser, says his company’s focus on investing in employees, giving back to the community, and fostering strategic partnerships will continue to inform the company’s growth strategy. “As Tampa Bay has grown, so have we. We’ve had tremendous success and are bringing over 2 billion dollars of inventory to the local market in the upcoming years, representing developments in downtown Tampa and St. Pete. Yet, we anticipate that marketplace demand will outpace available inventory.”

According to the real estate website Zillow, Tampa home values went up 3.9% in 2019 and Zillow forecasts they will rise an additional 4% in 2020. Tampa also ranks 4th among the nation’s The most popular investment markets, according to Realtor.com® .

While the Smith team celebrated their record-breaking year and the associates with exceptional sales, the organization also presented their most coveted honor, The Mary Smith Conover Citizen Award, which honors the spry 93-year-old founder of Smith & Associates Real Estate. The award is a nod towards the company’s founder and keeps the philanthropic intention at the forefront for every associate. This year’s winner was Becky Slocum clocked nearly 1,800 volunteer hours with The American Red Cross and is a member of the Disaster Action Team, working on-call shifts throughout the night from 6 PM – 6 AM.



Becky Slocum (Award Recipient), Bob Glaser (President and CEO), and Mary Smith Conover (Founder) at Kickoff Celebration at Armature Works

Becky Slocum (Award Recipient), Bob Glaser (President and CEO), and Mary Smith Conover (Founder) at Kickoff Celebration at Armature Works



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13 Most Expensive Homes in St. Petersburg, FL


Multi-million dollar homes are all over St. Petersburg, Florida attracting homeowners from all over the world to what is becoming one of the most diverse and desirable cities in the state. Real estate prices are climbing and we have pulled together a list of the most expensive homes in St. Petersburg, FL. Opulent luxury homes in St. Petersburg are attractive to people looking for space, comfort, and privacy with the most expensive homes in St. Petersburg standing out as impressive and significant. The most expensive homes in St. Petersburg are sure to impress anyone who loves architecture or simply likes to daydream about the finer things in life. Lush tropical settings, sunset watching, huge yards, chef-quality kitchens, and more are offered in the most expensive homes on the market right now in St. Petersburg.

If you’re looking for the lap of luxury in St. Petersburg, FL, check out these 13 incredibly luxurious (and expensive) homes. 


1. 837 Harbor Island | Clearwater

Designed to maximize its prime location, this modern home is a work of art that will take your breath away the moment you enter the home. The sophisticated use of glass, stone, quartz, and woodwork comes together to create a modern warm redefined waterfront residence including tranquility and relaxation throughout!

837 Harbor Island



2. 1936 Coffee Pot Boulevard NE | St. Petersburg

This stunning, brand new luxury waterfront home with a waterfront lot, was recently completed by Devonshire Custom Homes, one of Tampa Bay area’s finest builders! The two-story, concrete block construction home with lavish finishes inside & out is situated on a beautiful lot in desirable Old NE with fabulous views of Coffee Pot Bayou.

1936 Coffee Pot Boulevard NE



3. 2909 Sunset Way | St. Pete Beach

This wonderful Gulf-front, estate-sized home, built in 1925, offers endless possibilities with a sprawling floor plan consisting of 5,623 SF that includes a 2 level, 2 bed, 2 bath apartment with 1,779 SF, laundry, fireplace & a private entry!

2909 Sunset Way



4. 400 Beach Drive NE #504 | St. Petersburg

Located in one of Downtown St. Pete’s most coveted luxury towers, 400 Beach is nestled along trendy Beach Drive directly across from the waters edge and only steps away from the vibrant hub of local eateries, sidewalk cafes, museums, art galleries, parks, breweries and so much more! This beautiful 5th-floor residence offers expansive views of sparkling Tampa Bay while easily enjoying the sights and sounds of a lively and active downtown waterfront.

400 Beach Drive NE #504



5. 300 Beach Drive NE #403 | St. Petersburg

Ultimate sophistication in a premier location, Parkshore Plaza is one of Downtown’s most desirable luxury condo towers. Conveniently located near the thriving hub of restaurants and endless amounts of things to do, this home is tucked along trendy Beach Drive, directly across from the water’s edge. This beautiful home with a highly sought after floor plan offers a home office/study, 2 ensuite guest bedrooms, powder bath, large laundry room plus a rare & unique expansive front terrace perfect for outdoor entertaining!

300 Beach Drive NE #403



6. 2012 Carolina Circle NE | St. Petersburg

Fall in love with this fabulous open waterfront pool home in highly desirable Venetian Isles! Pride of ownership is apparent the moment you walk into the double door front entry and the home’s graciously sized rooms complement the seamless and stylish floor plan.

2012 Carolina Circle NE



7. 446 16th Avenue NE | St. Petersburg

This beautiful colonial home is located on one of the loveliest streets in St. Petersburg. Built in 1935, it is reminiscent of days gone by, but with all the modern conveniences. This truly gracious Estate captures the elegance of an antebellum plantation!

446 16th Avenue NE



8. 1700 Brightwaters Boulevard NE | St. Petersburg

Welcome to this meticulous executive-style home nestled on a prime corner lot along Snell Isles’ coveted Brightwaters Boulevard. This elegant home is perfect for both the family and entertaining and comes complete with a rare three-car garage. You will love the large open floor plan, high ceilings, three fireplaces, and wet bar!

1700 Brightwaters Boulevard NE



9. 404 8th Avenue N | Tierra Verde

Paradise on Pass-A-Grille Channel! This tri-level home is a boater’s dream with its large dock with water, power and 16,000 lb lift. The “Eagle’s Nest” is the perfect spot for stargazing or ship watching!

404 8th Avenue N



10. 100 1st Avenue N #702 | St. Petersburg

Enjoy life from the 7th Floor of ONE St. Petersburg, conveniently located close to the clubhouse, swimming pool, hot tub, gym, and the BBQ Grills. Step out onto the extra-large balcony and enjoy gorgeous water views at the Pier while watching the planes land at St. Petersburg’s private airport.

100 1st Avenue N #702



11. 1250 Jungle Avenue N | St. Petersburg

This stunning historic Jungle Prada estate is nestled on a private, manicured lot. This home has been meticulously restored and expanded into a modern masterpiece which showcases exquisite period finishes throughout. This is truly a hard to find jewel!

1250 Jungle Avenue N



12. 109 4th Avenue | St. Pete Beach

Imagine the joy and laughter shared with family and friends as you explore the enchanting beach community of Pass-A-Grille with easy access to the pristine beach, great restaurants serving local, delectable seafood, a sunny afternoon bike ride, or a playful day at the dog park with your furry family members. This delightful, quintessential beach cottage is situated 50 yards from both the beach and inter-coastal waterways!

109 4th Avenue



13. 998 Lake Placido Court NE | St. Petersburg

This single-story estate with sweeping lake views encompasses Florida design to seamlessly live inside & out in St. Petersburg’s gated community of Placido Bayou. The sparkling water view offers a perfect scene from the covered lanai, pool & spa.

998 Lake Placido Court NE



Contact one of our Florida real estate agents to find the St. Petersburg home for you! 



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Smith is Community

We at Smith are dedicated to our local community and contribute to organizations throughout the year that support equality, the arts, and education. Smith & Associates Real Estate participates in over 50 organizations throughout Tampa Bay and emphasizes a corporate culture of giving back. Each month, you’ll see the Smith orange and our associates supporting causes that we find meaningful. Please join us this month!


DACCO Night of a Thousand Thieves


Feb 1st – DACCO Gala and Auction – 7pm
DACCO treats substance use disorders, including Opioid Addiction Treatments and any co-occurring mental health symptoms in men, women (including pregnant women) and youth. Nationally awarded for their comprehensive coordinated care, DACCO is a Behavioral Health organization with outpatient, residential and wrap-around services to treat the whole person. Smith has been a long-time supporter of the organization. Their programs help decrease the use and/or abuse of prescription, alcohol, tobacco, illicit and other harmful drugs among pregnant and postpartum women.

We are a sponsor at their fundraising event. Please join us in supporting this valuable organization. Tickets available at nightofathousandthieves.com.


WineFest 2020: Cabbyshack


Feb 8th – Tampa Theatre Wine Tasting – 7pm
When the Tampa Theatre began their restoration campaign in 2017, Smith & Associates Real Estate made a sizable donation to the Tampa Theatre. This gift allowed the Tampa Theatre to create a permanent concession stand, an important part of the 90-year-old theatre’s extensive multi-phase renovations to address critical infrastructure, enhance the patron experience, and restore its historic beauty.

Bob Glaser, President and CEO of Smith & Associates Real Estate, calls the Tampa Theatre “a local treasure that calls for community support” and has served as a Board Member for many years.

“Upon entry, you feel as though you have stepped back to another era of time and are in awe of the palace-like feel within the theatre. There are so few of these movie palaces in the nation, and to have this jewel in Tampa Bay, calls for community support,” says Glaser.

Their biggest fundraising event of the year is coming up, Winefest 2020: Cabbyshack, and we are a sponsor. Please join us and support this iconic theatre in Downtown Tampa. Tickets available at tampatheatre.org/annual-event/winefest-2020

Learn more about Smith & Associates Real Estate’s local heart and community involvement here.



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