One way we can transport ourselves from the stark realities of 2020 is to consider some of the recent luxury real estate design trends.

You don’t want to have your home stuck in 2010 with outdated décor and out-of-fashion interior design ideas. Keep your luxury home “au courant” with the latest decor trends. This will improve your living space and make it more enjoyable as we fight the pandemic—plus, it will add value to your property. 

a open simple elegant living room with a bookshelf

Simple and Laid-Back Luxury is “In"

Gone is the trend of luxury homes with rigid and uber-formal interiors that transformed luxury homes into showrooms rather than functional living spaces. Giving that we must now spend more time at home, today luxury homeowners are getting a bit more relaxed and less complicated. Elegance is still important, but the trend is toward relaxed interiors and homely spaces that continue to keep sophisticated features. That said, laid-back is starting to become the new “sophisticated.”

yoga mat in wellness room at home

Health and Wellness is “In”

To that end, as we continue to function at hyper speeds, there’s been an increasing recognition to find time for relaxation in a living space that embodies a sense of wellness. Consumer demand for a sense of wellness in their homes and communities grew exponentially as well as globally in 2019. One trend in this area is to build real estate that’s eco-sensitive and includes environments that offer well-being, natural elements, and healthy amenities. These custom-designed homes are now including health and wellness structurally as well as in the design, features, and amenities.

light wood zen room with greenery and plants
Natural Design Elements are “In"

As many luxury homeowners move towards living holistically, the “less is more” attitude has been a trend. There’s been a move toward more multi-functional spaces. For example, one trend that’s definitely “in” is transforming or adding shareable space for outdoor activities. Fitness areas and swimming pools have been re-energized with the addition of calm spaces for meditation and yoga. Natural design elements that add to these new calm spaces for meditation and yoga include natural woods, textures, and terra cotta colors—a move from cooler shades to warmer tones. These two-tone color palates incorporate the yin and yang of life, and geometric patterns help incorporate a sense of balance—something we all can use these days.

In addition, plants have become significant accents again with herbs like chamomile and Holy Basil (Tulsi) that soothe the nervous system and promote an overall sense of well-being. Aromatic plants are calming and can lift the mood, like palo santo. These plants can accent a new “Zen Den” with a feeling of comfort while still maintaining luxury and style. Remember that wood never goes out of style. However, the trend is light wood tones. Light wood flooring brightens a room and also adds an air of natural cleanness. Organic wood tones are now being seen in both kitchens and bathrooms. Nature design elements also extend to natural materials such as marble and other stones. These surfaces wear well and continue to look great with age. This can be an element of calm as part of a bedroom, bath, or dining area.

calm taupe living room with elegant decor
Brown is “In”

The trend towards terra cotta and warmer tones means that there’s also a resurgence of shades of brown. This color offers many variations and can be used throughout a luxury home. The brown trend includes colors such as taupe, beige, and all sorts of earth tones. The modern look and feel of sterile or industrial color palettes of gray and black and the starkness of monochromatic choices have given way to the calm and grounding of brown.


As a luxury homeowner in Florida, you need to feel great about the design, feel, and atmosphere of your home. Now is the perfect time to give your luxury living space a natural and calming refresh with one or more of the trends discussed in this article. Your efforts will pay off with a renewed appreciation and enjoyment of your luxury home. Stay up to date with the latest luxury real estate trends.

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