If you want people to understand you, let them see the world from your window!

That saying really says it all. If you’re buying or building a luxury home, you want to have windows that are in sync with the rest of the house and that allow your guests to see the world from them.

To do this, select stylish, high-end window materials with energy efficient features. This means the best in aesthetics, function, and durability.

Let’s look at the most desirable types and the best materials for the windows in your luxury home.

What are the Best Materials to Use for Luxury Windows?

Many luxury homes have a contemporary design. To make certain that your windows accentuate and don’t diminish from your home’s décor, think about using one of these materials:

Aluminum Windows: If you have an ultra-modern home, aluminum windows are a fantastic choice. Aluminum windows are lightweight, strong, and durable. The materials used in manufacturing are extremely malleable, so aluminum windows can be customized to just about any frame shape. The aluminum creates a streamlined, industrial look—many people choose black frames for a drastic contrast. Aluminum windows also have a fundamental strength that other windows lack. And with their sophisticated beauty, they can make your luxury home even more special.

Aluminum-Clad Windows: These are the strongest of all clad-windows. This can be a real asset with the Florida weather. Many aluminum-clad window products feature durable aluminum on the exterior and magnificent wood grain on the interior. Aluminum cladding is quite durable and dent-resistant; however, aluminum transfers heat more easily than vinyl or fiberglass, so aluminum-clad windows can be less energy efficient than some other options. 

Fiberglass Windows: These windows provide a more traditional home design. Fiberglass windows are made of glass fibers and resin. These materials expand and contract very little with Florida’s intense temperature changes. Fiberglass is up to eight times stronger than vinyl, can last 50 years or more, and comes with excellent energy-efficiency ratings—all very important for your luxury home.

CompositWood Windows: This exciting new material has the look and feel of premium wood windows with the maintenance-free qualities of vinyl and the strength of aluminum. Perhaps all the best features of the other options combined into one product. CompositWood integrates the elegant appearance of a true wood window with the ease of maintenance found in vinyl, the strength of aluminum—plus, a dynamic energy-saving and operational features that mesh into a beautiful and durable window system. The frames and sashes are made from a mix of polymer and acrylic resins to make an “engineered composite” that’s extremely strong. These outstanding qualities may make CompositWood windows the best option for your luxury home.

What are the Most Desirable Features for Luxury Windows?

Choosing the right window material is a very important place to begin this process, but you’ll also want to consider these different types of window features:

Vast Expanses of Multi-Pane Glass: What room doesn’t take on an air of complete opulence with large floor-to-ceiling windows and vast window walls? 

Thin Frames: Both aluminum and fiberglass have the strength required to support large sheets of glass while maintaining thin, unobtrusive frames. This will allow you to maximize the view of the exterior and permit more natural light to enter.

Picture & Geometric Windows: Large picture windows and specialty geometric-shaped windows allow you and your family to enjoy more of the view, let in additional natural light, and showcase the unique architectural features of your home while giving you maximum energy efficiency.

What About Additional Options? 

In addition to luxurious window frame material, you should consider the glass that will go in your beautiful windows. Here are several specialty glass products that can further enhance the look of your windows in your luxury home:

Solar Control Glass: This glass provides maximum Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC), an ideal answer to Florida’s hot summer days where we can see 92 degrees with high humidity. This glass lets sunlight to pass through a window while radiating and reflecting away most of the sun’s heat. Your home’s interior stays bright and much cooler than it would if normal glass were used. Solar control glass reflects glare and will also reduce your electricity bills.

Noise Protection Glass: This can be a great answer to decrease the noise coming into your home. This glass controls noise by reflecting it back out to the source, and it also absorbs the noise energy within the glass. Sound insulation of glass is improved by increasing the thickness of the pane using laminated glass on its own or within an Insulating Glass Unit (with a larger gap between the panes for better the insulation). There’s also triple or quadruple glazing that will provide you with a quiet home free of noise pollution.

Self‐Cleaning Glass: Yes, that right! This glass has a field of self-cleaning coatings, both hydrophobic and hydrophilic. These two kinds of coating clean themselves through water—the hydrophobic does this by rolling droplets, and the hydrophilic causes the water to sheet and carry away dirt. This glass can also chemically break down absorbed dirt in sunlight. Self‐cleaning glass can be a convenient solution for areas that are difficult to reach.


As discussed above, there are many options for selecting the best windows for your luxury home. Consider the materials, glass, and style to make the windows in your luxury home unique. Customize your home with windows that display your home in the best light both figuratively and literally. Stay connected on the latest trends in your area. All the latest luxury real estate trends in Clearwater, Tampa, and St. Petersburg, Florida.

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