9 of the Hottest Luxury Home Technologies 

Do you want a “smart” home? Who doesn’t!?!

You’ve probably seen how today’s technology can do much more than start your coffee maker in the morning. Now, many of the appliances and systems in luxury homes can be automated to provide homeowners with convenience and safety. New modern luxury homes are full of smart technology.

Let’s look at a few of the luxury home technologies that connect your home to the Internet, allowing you to control your home remotely.

Invisible Audio Sound System Speakers.

Today’s sound systems can be installed into the wall or ceiling and covered with the surrounding surface. These smart speakers give you complete sound that seems to comes from nowhere, creating a wonderful ambiance to any room or throughout your home.

Motorized Screen Covers.

We all enjoy watching television, but when it’s not on, it can be a bit of an eyesore… or definitely a sight that’s incompatible with the rest of the room’s decor. Now you can blend your flat screen display into decor seamlessly by converting it into a framed piece of art! You can customize the image that’s printed on graphic arts-quality canvas and contained in an elegant frame of your choice. When you decide on Movie Night, the artwork automatically rises to reveal the screen. When you’re finished, the canvas lowers to hide the screen and changes that spot on your wall back to the painting!

Smart Lighting Systems.

Lighting is more than flipping a switch or turning a dimmer. A smart lighting system will save you time, effort, and energy. These lighting systems can control a variety of elements concerning the lighting and the atmosphere in your luxury home, including dimmers, switches, fan controls, and sensors. The system is easily connected to any smart assistant device, such as Alexa or Siri.

An Intelligent Oven.

Anyone who bakes or cooks would like to make the process easier. These extremely compact smart ovens can replace a home’s convection oven, toaster, air fryer, dehydrator, slow cooker, broiler, and warming drawer—all in one appliance! You can use this smart appliance to make restaurant-quality meals. This smart oven has an HD camera and built-in measuring scale that will identify your food and recommend how it should be prepared. How smart is that!

Invisible Charging.

We all have cords running around our homes… whether it’s on the kitchen counter, a desk in the den, or on a bedroom nightstand. This new technology eliminates all this unsightly clutter with invisible infrared charging. One company, Wi-Charge, calls itself “the future of power.” This system delivers power from a distance without wires, safely and efficiently. No more battery replacements, charging pads, or power cords! These ultra-compact chargers can be plugged into light or power sockets, or they can be embedded directly into devices. The cordless system powers accuracy up to 30 feet with infrared beams, creating a clean, sleek look to any room.

AI Personal Assistants.

A virtual assistant or “AI assistant” or “digital assistant” is an application that understands voice commands and completes tasks for users. “Siri, turn on the kitchen lights.” That may be what you think of when considering this type of product. These AI assistants allow you to make calls, change music tracks, and dictate text messages. But they also continue to do more. In addition to simple jobs, they can search the Internet, control and monitor smart home devices, such as lights, security cameras, and thermostats. A virtual assistant makes any luxury home even more attractive by helping you with a variety of tasks.

The Virtual Reality Home Gym.

One of the latest areas for smart technology is home personal fitness. Bikes, treadmills, and elliptical machines now offer on-demand class settings or virtual trails in locations around the world. In addition, they have virtual personal trainers that can adjust variables like speed and difficulty to challenge you personally to reach your goals. A new addition to the scene is The Mirror. With its small footprint and elegant design, it blends seamlessly into a luxury home, allowing you to convert a few feet of wall space into an interactive personal fitness studio.

Personalized Safety.

Luxury homeowners can connect their security systems to their smartphones. Smart home technology now lets you monitor your luxury home from anywhere with devices like smart doorbells that let you can see visitors at your front door. There are also entry sensors, motion sensors, glass-break sensors, cameras, and sirens. And this smart technology includes smart security lights that monitor the motion outside of your home and sends you alerts to your phone. Plus, you can even monitor your pets and can give them a treat when you’re away!

Home Appliances with Smart Features.

Today’s smart washing machines have sensors to detect how dirty your clothes are and can adjust the wash cycles accordingly. These appliances have anti-allergy settings that remove up to 99.9% of allergens in fabrics, like dust and pollen. They use less energy and allow you to do your household chores with ease, like monitor a load of wash from the smartphone.


Tampa-St. Pete has a host of luxury properties with many of these fantastic new technologies to make your home ultra-convenient and ultra-smart.

Find your dream home with luxury home technologies. Contact our office today!

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