St. Petersburg Neighborhood Guide: Best Neighborhoods In St. Pete, FL

The music. The art. The beach. The sports. If you’re looking for a little bit of everything—and a little more—the neighborhoods in and around St. Petersburg has it all. From the artsy, brick-lined streets, to the beaches and waterfront jaunts, and shopping, restaurants, bars and cultural attractions of the downtown area, St. Petersburg continues to be a place people want to call home.

If you’re in the mood for art and history, check out the Salvador Dali Museum. You want a taste of the beach scene, head out to the 26-acre St. Pete Pier. And if you just want to hang out and bide your time in a community-like atmosphere, take a stroll in the ever-active downtown scene.


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Top 7 Richest Neighborhoods In Tampa

Davis Islands

At $22.5 million, the custom mansion on Davis Islands in Tampa garnered the highest price ever for a home sale in the area. Smith & Associates sold the home. As one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the Tampa area, Davis Islands is home to some of the most stunning views of Downtown Tampa. It also is home to a bevy of lavish, pastel-colored Mediterranean-style buildings dating back to the 1920s.

Add in an eclectic mix of cafes and pubs, the always relaxing Dog Beach, a canine-friendly stretch of sand with views of boats and yachts, and Davis Islands Park, a green space with kids’ play equipment, and Davis Islands has everything that the richest, nicest communities have to offer.


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Smith & Associates gives $150,000 in grant awards to non-profits in Tampa Bay

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Smith & Associates Real Estate has spent decades supporting residents, businesses, and nonprofits in the Tampa Bay region. The firm has helped so many locals find their first home, their dream home, or a nice place to set roots in this growing area. In addition to being the hypotenuse for buyers and sellers, the agents and team at Smith are committed to supporting the helpers in the cities they represent. With the Smith & Associates Real Estate Foundation launch in the Spring of 2021, the organization further cemented its commitment to giving back to the neighborhoods they serve. In March of 2022,…

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Just how attractive is Tampa's growing real estate market? Ask Netflix, which decided to spin off one of its popular shows, "Selling Sunset," into a series about Tampa's beautiful communities, sunny shores, and Floridian charm. The widely successful series "Selling Tampa" is one of the many attributes funneling attention to what is quickly becoming Florida's favorite real estate destination.

Where to start?

Tampa has 2022's hottest housing market. Not only is Tampa beating out other Florida cities like Jacksonville, Miami, and Orlando, but also major metro areas like Phoenix, AZ, and Austin, Texas*.

Suppose you're looking for the distinctive attributes that lifted Tampa over the rest. In that case, today's home buyers are driven to the area for…

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Home value growth. Scarcity. Availability. The number of potential buyers. When potential buyers scout out the best places to find real estate, these are some items that top their lists—a set of factors that strike at the heart of what people are looking for when investing in a place to call home.

The secret has long been out: Tampa has it all—and more. Along with being ranked the US' hottest housing market in 2022*, the area is steeped in attributes, including beautiful homes and schools, a thriving job market, and a place that continues to be resistant to market fluctuations—housing, economic or otherwise.

That's not all. With home values growing faster than nearly anywhere else in the state—as well as the top national rankings—Tampa is becoming a…

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