While some businesses are experiencing a lull due to the pandemic, Tampa Bay real estate developers are moving swiftly on construction at their luxury condominium sites across Tampa Bay. Developers have been eager to move forward with these much-anticipated projects and have hit various project milestones, with many completing the detailed permitting process, others moving into the stage of beginning foundation work, and some of these condo towers can already be seen transforming our skyline.

Water Street Tampa Construction Progress

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Water Street Tampa is transforming Tampa’s downtown to an urban corridor designed with care and purpose. Dynamic workspaces, inspired living options and an enriching cityscape with…

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A home office has become an important room in the home during the coronavirus pandemic as companies moved to the remote work model. Having a room that offers a degree of separation and quiet was a lifesaver for many parents working from home. Many homes for sale in Tampa Bay have home offices that are functional and appealing- and turns out having a home office is a huge selling point these days for increasing resale values. You’ll love to take your Zoom meetings in these home offices!

  1. Home #1: A home office is an environment that will promote productivity. This room has an efficient workstation and other key features to keep you organized and inspired.
  2. Home #2: This home office lets you get down to business. It’s designed to be fashionable,…

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