Here are 15 luxury decorating ideas to give you some inspiration with real ideas that are feasible and amazing. These are ideas from top designers in Florida and around the country that can help you add more luxury to your home. Let’s look at 15 inspiring luxury decorating ideas that will make your home more elegant without breaking the bank.

Let There Be Lighting.

Either first or last, a glamorous decorating idea is to add romantic lighting. Many designers believe that this is the most important element in making a room feel luxurious. Elegant chandeliers, pendants, sconces, and decorative table lamps all can bring the light down into the room. Also, light fixtures with crystals can help disperse the light around the room giving the entire area a softer look. You can spread out lamps around a room for a more welcoming ambiance.

Score with Vintage Accents.

Everything old is new again. Remember that fad from 20 years ago? Well, if you’re thinking of home decor trends, it may be back in style like pencil-thin ties and bell bottoms. That’s true for vintage and traditional detailing, but we need to go back a bit further to the late 1800s and early 1900s and consider classic decorative items like spooled legs, spindles, metal wire baskets, mirrors, and end tables. Design experts suggest that you only use a few statement pieces. Check Wayfair for affordable vintage accents for your home.
Break the Mold with Moldings.

Crown moldings and baseboards can add an extravagant feel to a room. Crown molding makes a well-designed room look complete because it brings the ceiling and the walls together to produce an elegant appearance. While there are many styles and widths available, go with the widest crown molding to see the greatest effect. You can also add additional high-end touches with ceiling beams, columns, ceiling medallions, and chair rails.

Navy Blue for You.

The 2020 Pantone Color of the Year is Classic Blue, which is a shade of navy blue. This shade is versatile and sophisticated and provides just the right amount of contrast for interiors in both traditional and modern home styles. The color gives any room a stately look without resorting to black. One designer suggests a blue living room and pairing it with whites and greys to be safe.

 Save Download Preview Copy space living room interior with a dark blue couch, a gray armchair and gold accents.

Go for the Gold.

As long as we’re talking colors, gold has staying power and is the color of royalty, luxury, and elegance. Try gold accents in a master bedroom with ornate gold trim, fretwork, and finishing. You can also add to your living room with a gold-framed mirror, a gold sculpture, or a gold-accented coffee table.

Florals are Pretty and Sophisticated.

Updated floral patterns have a larger scale, bold color, and even metallic accents that grandma would never imagine. Florals are a designer’s choice for powder bathrooms and foyers. Perhaps start your swim with florals with a sophisticated hydrangea floral arrangement in a vase.

Framed Mirrors.

We know that mirrors reflect light and can add pizzazz and radiance to any room. However, you can put that pizzazz on steroids by using mirrors in furniture like a mirrored nightstand, dresser, buffet table, or sideboard. An accent cabinet that is meant to be seen will add to a room and keep your storage out of sight (see #15 below).

Metallic Finishes.

Metallic finishes like chrome and gold can add extravagance and glamour to a room (see #5 above). A small, inexpensive item like an Oriental Black and Gold Area Rug can add contrasting textures with a luxurious metallic look to complement distinctive furniture, like a leather sofa (see #11 below).

 Save Download Preview Vintage style window seat 3d render.There are white wood plank wall and floor Decorated with big white jar with dry reed flower. Large windows looking out to see nature with curtains.
Curtain Calls Are “In.”

Curtains on the windows can increase the luxurious and expensive feel of a room. For example, a geometric semi-sheer panel with a modern style will enhance the appearance of your living space. Or go floral (#6) and use add a contemporary floral motif with stylish hues to elevate the window to regal status.

Go For All The Marble.

Indulgence with a little higher price tag is marble. Marble is a timeless and classic stone that adds a sense of extravagance to a bath, parlor, or kitchen area. You can save a little money and still get some bang for your marble buck by adding marble accessories like a white marble serving tray, an end table with a pink marble top, or a gold marble bathroom accessory tray. 

pink, velvet sofa, plant, coffee table with pot and cups on a lastrico wall a living room interior

Declare a Divergent Style with Contrasting Textures.

An easy and inexpensive way to add interest and opulence to a room is to use contrasting textured fabrics with smooth surfaces. Think velvet or mohair combined with glass, metal, or mirror. Try some cushions and throw blankets to introduce variety.

Unexpected Textiles.

An easy way to upgrade the look of a living room is to use interesting textiles. Think colorful vintage carpets, area rugs, throw pillows, and cushions. A wall hanging or tapestry is a unique way to decorate wall space such as fireplaces, stairways, sofas, and behind headboards.

   Save Download Preview Luxury bathroom with black marble floor and white marble wall 3d render,The room has a clear glass shower partition,There are large windows natural light shining into the room. With LArch soaking tub.

Clean up the Bathroom with a Free-Standing Tub.

An extra-deep soaking tub can totally reimagine a master bath. There are designs to fit any décor scheme, from modern to vintage that lets you customize the look of your bathroom.

Break Out the Brushes and Rollers.

An extremely simple and inexpensive way to make a drastic change to a room is with paint—especially darker colors like navy blue (see # 4 above). Rich blues, greens, and charcoals can add contrast and create a cozy, dramatic effect. A deep dark hue in a living room can be unexpected and create a fantastic backdrop for dazzling accents in artwork or furniture.

Clean Your Room!

You’ve probably never seen pictures of luxury home interiors that have stacks of magazine and cereal boxes on the kitchen counter or piles of laundry on the floor and shoes strewn everywhere. Get rid of junk and organize to make your home clean and tidy. This is the least expensive thing you can do to transform a home. Look into a stylish sleek storage system that will keep necessary things out of the way but still be accessible. And toss it if you can’t remember what it is, why you have it, or where it goes.


These luxury home decorating ideas can fit any budget. Looking for the home of your dreams? Click here to start working with an agent.

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