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Four Tampa Bay Shops to Outfit Your Home

With meticulous attention to detail, these designers and creatives can craft the home of your dreams. These Tampa Bay-based entrepreneurs offer a myriad of options for even the most discerning designer.

These 4 firms and shops tailor the design experience to your specifications.


David Calvin Furniture Studio

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David Calvin Furniture Studio

Located in St Petersburg, Florida, David Calvin Furniture Studio is where art & architecture meet!

Location: 2222 16th Avenue North | St. Petersburg, FL 33713
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 314.605.1313



built things team building something from wood

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Built Things

Beginning in 2012 and located in Tampa, the Build Things team thrives on custom furniture made specially for you or your business.

Location: 602 N Newport Avenue | Tampa, FL 33606
Phone: 813.512.6250



white kitchen done by T2TheS

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T2TheS is an Architectural Millwork Company where tried and true traditions meet modern innovations.

Location: 2262 6th Avenue South | St. Petersburg, FL 33712
Phone: 727.827.2915



Front of Herbach's Rattan Furniture

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Herbach’s Rattan Furniture

Location: 2228 Central Avenue North | St. Petersburg, FL 33712
Phone: 727.327.6140



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