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Unique Luxury Home Bathrooms

Washroom, restroom, bathroom, lavatory, toilet, biffy, the loo. Call it what you like, this can be a luxury room in your home. Everyone loves luxury bathrooms.

These unique luxury home bathrooms are inspiring because they’re created with luxury materials. Natural materials like onyx and marble can transport a bathroom and give it a unique and sophisticated appearance. 

These luxurious bathrooms feature natural materials on the walls and floors, and a bathroom remodel allows you to set the room apart with dramatic contrasts and designs. Contrasting textures can also make a bathroom look absolutely fabulous! 

Look through these luxury bathrooms for unexpected elements that can make the room look more opulent. In some luxury homes, a bathroom can really stand out not by the materials that were used—but rather by the way they’re applied. Time to get inspired by the many possibilities available to make your bathroom stand apart.


beautiful white bathroom with a saking tub over looking the water on davis islands

58 Bahama Circle | Davis Island | Presented by Stephen Gay Group



beautiful penhouse bathroom over looking downtown st pete at sunset

176 4th Avenue NE #1801 | Downtown St. Petersburg | Presented by Christopher Pitre & Ali Bearnarth



beautiful bathroom with gold floors

The Oaks Estate | Tampa Bay | Presented by Mary Pond & Ed Gunning & Dina Sierra Smith



luxury bathroom with white walls, black floor, zebra rug, glass shower, and red chair

180 Beach Drive NE #2402 | Downtown St. Petersburg | Presented by Sisters Sell St. Pete



elegant bathroom with soaking tub over looking the window

415 S Royal Palm Way | Beach Park | Presented by Anne Mullis & Cindy Richards



unique bathroom with circular glass shower in middle of room, glowing blue, with a soaking tub

837 Harbor Island | Clearwater Beach | Presented by Sophia Vasilaros



crisp white bathroom with stone soaking tub by the window

16304 Millan De Avila | Avila | Presented by Melanie Atkinson



bathroom with lanscape painting behind soaking tub, wall of mirrors, and circular rug

702 Guisando De Avila | Avila | Presented by Dina Sierra Smith



classic bathroom with elegant syle and decor

909 Bayshore Drive | Tarpon Springs | Presented by Sophia Vasilaros



large master bathroom with big soaking tub

5016 W Evelyn Drive | Beach Park | Presented by B-G Holmberg


Unique Luxury Home Bathrooms

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