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Tampa rental services for tenants and owners.

For your convenience, the following is an overview of the rental and management services Smith & Associates Real Estate offers, as well as general guidelines used to process an application.

For potential tenants:

  • When it comes to property rentals in the greater Tampa Bay area, Smith & Associates Real Estate can assist you in finding the right property to suit your needs. No matter what you are looking for - from homes in South Tampa to condominiums in downtown St. Petersburg or from seasonal to long-term leases, our rental team understands the Tampa area rental market inside and out and will locate the right property for you.
  • Smith & Associates Real Estate's evaluation process for tenants includes the following:
    • Tenant Application Form & Authorization

      Each adult must fill out an application and be approved. All sections of each application must be complete and accurate. Authorization is required for Smith & Associates Real Estate to validate information given on the application and to order a credit check.
    • Employment Verification

      Confirmation of applicant's adequate income to make rental payments is required. We expect applicants to have been in their current place of employment for at least six months; and, their income must be equal to three to four times the monthly rent amount.
    • Rental History

      In order to confirm that future tenants have demonstrated a desire to meet lease obligations, Smith & Associates Real Estate will assess the following: amount of current rent, consistent and timely rent payments, property condition, complaint history, and leasing obligations. We will make every effort to determine whether or not the tenancy was a positive experience.
    • Credit History

      Information is gathered to verify that the tenants have demonstrated fiscal responsibility. In general, Smith & Associates Real Estate looks for payments that are made on time, no judgments of bankruptcy records, and that credit responsibilities are in line with income.
    • Vehicle Information

      Smith & Associates Real Estate requires a record of make, model, color, and year of any vehicle to be kept at the property.
    • Valid Photo ID

      Smith & Associates Real Estate requires tenants to provide property owners with valid photo identification in order to assure the property owner that the person applying for the lease is indeed the person moving in.

For property owners:

  • For property owners, Smith & Associates Real Estate specializes in quickly locating qualified rental clients. Our rental experts will provide you with a solution that will allow for maximum exposure of your property.
  • Services offered to home owners when completing a property rental through Smith & Associates Real Estate include the following:
    • Property orientation
    • Preparation of property offering
    • Meet and evaluate prospective tenants
    • Advertising in MLS, Newsprint, signage and internet
    • Processing of applications and credit checks
    • Video tape the rental property before move-in
  • Property Management

  • In addition to our leasing program, Smith & Associates Property Management provides professional services to assist absentee owners in maintaining their asset through our specialty trained professionals.

    • Execute lease and collect rent and late fees according to the terms of the lease
    • Coordinate documents and approval with any required associations
    • We will provide you with monthly and annual property financial reports
    • Coordinate routine maintenance and emergency repairs and process billing for such
    • Digitally record the rental property before move-in, furnished residences will be inventoried
    • Promptly respond to tenant requests
    • Assist in enforcing the terms of the lease

We Inspect Your Property - Before new tenants occupy the property we will inspect and generate a report on the condition. A digital camera may be used to record the visual inspection. The same process will apply at the move-out phase. For a yearly lease, we will inspect the property’s interior and exterior at 6 months. Additional inspections can be arranged for a fee. Any applicable Homeowners' Associations will also be informed that Smith & Associates is managing your property and we will supply them with our contact information, in the event that something they believe needs our attention occurs.

Accounting and Financial Statements - After signing the property management agreement, all the money received from the homeowner and from the tenant will be placed in an escrow account. A monthly revenue and expense statement will be issued. We will attach copies of all maintenance and/or repair invoices. We will also provide an end-of-year statement to assist you in your income tax preparations. Rents are typically due on the first day of each month. Fees will be assessed to the tenant after five days. We collect the rent for you and mail you the rent within three business days after the rent is received.

Maintenance - We will coordinate routine maintenance and emergency repairs with trade specific vendors. With your written consent we can also coordinate any tenant improvements. Staff and contractors are available 24/7 to ensure your property is kept in top condition and that your tenants remain satisfied. Except for an emergency, repairs over $250 will require your written authorization.

No person shall be denied the right to rent one of our properties based on the applicant's race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability, marital status, or family status.


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