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Old Northeast

The historic elements which characterize our neighborhood are brick streets with granite curbs, a mix of concrete and hexagon block sidewalks, a grid network of streets, avenues and alleys and its proximity to the waterfront known as Tampa Bay. The large oaks, jacarandas, pines, palms, maples and magnolias provide lush overhanging canopies in the landscape.

The Historic Old Northeast enjoys an almost unique quality being adjacent to downtown St. Petersburg. North Shore Park runs along the entire eastern boundary. This park offers the neighborhood large open spaces, a large public pool, tennis courts, a baseball field, bike trails, long continuous sidewalks for leisurely strolls, a children's playground and a beach with white sand.

Along Coffee Pot Bayou are privately owned docks which house colorful boats and provide the opportunity to fish, sail and boat in protected waters. The Bayou is known for the manatees which feed in its shallow waters. The historic Snell Isle Bridge crosses the Bayou to link North Shore and Snell Isle.


The Historic Old Northeast subdivision began in 1911, by a group of men led by C. Perry Snell and J.C. Hamlett. Their goal was to establish the area as the premier residential neighborhood adjacent to the burgeoning city of St. Petersburg along the shores of Tampa Bay and Coffee Pot Bayou.

C. Perry Snell was a staunch advocate of William Straub's waterfront park system. Snell was instrumental in extending the park northward to Coffee Pot Bayou by giving the City the major part of the waterfront land from 13th Avenue North to Coffee Pot Bayou. This open space park is an invaluable resource of our community.

The Historic Old Northeast Neighborhood area contains approximately 9,000 people and 5,300 residential units (houses, apartments, condominiums).

The Historic Old Northeast is approximately 82 years old and was virtually "built-out" by the 1950s and 1960s; so the basic character of the overall area is that of an older neighborhood. This makes it rich in history and historical value and, as a community resource, unparalleled and irreplaceable.

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