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Mobile Device

Mobile Device

Mobile real estate just got easier.

We understand that the home search goes beyond the computer and newspaper.  So, Smith & Associates Real Estate has created a website specifically designed for you to search and view listings on your mobile device.  From Blackberry addicts to Droid lovers, we've got you covered. 

Search listings, view open houses, contact agents, and schedule matter where you are!  If you find something you love while you're browsing, save it as a favorite on your account so you can find it easily later.  Anything you save you can view when logged in to your account on your home computer too!

If you would like to find your dream home while "on-the-go", visit on your phone or mobile device.

And is even better!

Smith & Associates Real Estate has recently released a mobile site developed specifically for iPhone users!  Best of all, you have access to it without even having to download an app that needs to be updated all the time. 

Our latest mobile site allows you to take advantage of the iPhone's GPS software to search for open houses and homes for sale based on where you're currently located in Tampa Bay!  Plus, you can still enjoy all the features of our standard mobile site.  Just access on your phone and you're ready to go. 

Why not bookmark it so we're always there when you need us?


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